cheap college textbooksThis website was created because it was becoming increasingly more prevalent that my college career had more to do with my textbooks than it did with what college I attended or who my professor was. In some of my class the textbook was more of a professor than my professor. So I decided to search for the best places to buy textbooks, and it became very clear that my college bookstore was not the best place to find the cheapest textbooks. My next stop was the off campus bookstore, this was slightly better, but I do mean slightly. Now I do not come form a wealthy family, and I was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I could google the hell out of the internet. This lead me on a google quest to find the most affordable textbooks possible online. I was able to find some of my mandatory textbooks for bargain prices, but there was usually a heavy shipping and handling fee assed too, so my once bargain price became decent or average at best. Now I liked the prices before the shipping and handling, but there were just no websites that dealt with selling textbooks locally. This is why myself and some comrades decided to get together and create a Craig's list type college textbook site, we call it Book Bungalow, and hope to have it operational in the Spring of 2013, until then we hope you enjoy our Dirt Cheap College Textbook blog were you can find best places to buy and sell your college textbooks or use our textbook search to find a deal.

BEST websites to sell USED TEXTBOOKS

As the end of the semester rolls around you do not need to find cheap college textbooks to rent or buy, but instead you need to find the best places to sell used textbooks (keep reading Best websites to sell used textbooks.)


  • Where To Buy Cheap College Textbooks

    Where To Buy Cheap College Textbooks

    In the fast pace society that we live in today we are always looking for quicker and easier ways of completing our tasks, whether it be eating fast food or communicating through twitter. In most cases when we want something we want it now, and that is no different when it comes to finding cheap college textbooks.......

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  • Dirt cheap college textbooks tips

    Tips & Tricks

    You are at the right place if you are looking for ways buy cheap college textbooks the next time your semester starts. Here are five tips to get you on your way to cheap college textbooks.

    1) Register Early
    Register for classes as early as possible. The sooner you register for classes, the sooner...

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  • book bungalow textbooks relax

    Rent or Buy Textbooks?

    So your all signed up for classes and your looking for some cheap college textbooks, now you may find yourself asking should I rent my textbooks or should I buy my cheap textbooks?

    (keep reading to rent or buy cheap college textbooks)

  • Best Sites To Compare Textbook Prices

    Best Sites To Compare Textbook Prices

    If your looking for the best way to find college textbook websites to sell your books on then your in the right place. I have complied a list of textbook websites that allow you to compare textbook prices, so you can find the best websites to sell your used textbooks on.

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This article will go into detail on what a person can do with their textbooks before, during, and after the semester, so that when your ready to sell your textbooks you are primed and ready to get back some big bucks. (Read the rest of how to sell your textbooks for more).


christmas bookie wookieAs we are in the Holiday season and it is a season of giving what better gift can Dirt Cheap College Textbooks give than the gift of coupons for discount textbooks. We have collected some coupons that should get you off to a good start on your quest for cheap textbooks. So far there are coupons for eCampus and textbook shop, but as we find more we'll be adding to the list.

It's always good to give, so if you have any codes you would like to share leave a comment and we'll be sure to add it to our list! If your looking for more information on where to sell your textbooks this holiday season you may want to read How To Sell Your Textbooks For More or Best Websites to Sell Sell Used Textbooks. If your looking to buy well then you may want to read Five Tips To Cheap College Textbooks. You can always sign up for our Cheap College Textbooks newsletter, to stay up to date on deals, tips, and coupons!

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EASILY sell your textbooks IN GOOD CONDITION

If your looking for ways to keep your textbook in the best condition possible before you sell it back then your in the right place. There are a few ways to easily sell your textbooks back in good condition, like not taking them out of the wrapper, or vacuum sealing them until the semester is over. But without having to go the these extremes we'll go over some simple steps that you can follow that will allow you to sell your textbooks back in good/excellent condition online, to the bookstore, or even your fellow students.

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Book Bungalow allows you to view textbooks that have been posted by other college students or to post a textbook once you've logged in. So instead of selling your book back to your college bookstore you can now set a reasonable price.